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Jetson Account FAQ: How does Rocket Fuel work?

Discover how Jetson's Fuel, the in-app currency, rewards students for answering quiz questions correctly and can be redeemed for real prizes. Learn all about how Fuel works, how to earn it, and how to use it in this comprehensive guide!

Introduction to Jetson's Fuel 🔥

What is Fuel and Why it Matters

Fuel is the in-app currency of Jetson, a Learn to Earn app designed to reward students for answering quiz questions correctly. The more questions students answer correctly, the more Fuel they earn, ultimately allowing them to redeem their Fuel for real prizes.


Earning Fuel through Quizzes

How to Earn Fuel by Answering Quiz Questions

Each quiz question answered correctly in the Jetson app is worth 10 Fuel. The more questions you answer correctly, the more Fuel you accumulate, providing a continuous incentive for students to improve their knowledge and skills.



Redeeming Fuel for Real Prizes

Types of prizes available

Jetson's Drip Shop is where students can redeem their earned Fuel for real prizes. Current prizes include $10 of various cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Litecoin, USD Coin, Solana, or Avalanche, with more exciting prizes to come.


How to redeem your Fuel for rewards

To access the Drip Shop and redeem Fuel for prizes, a student's account must be sponsored by a parent or guardian, as per SEC guidelines. Once the account is sponsored, students can visit the Drip Shop, select the desired prize, and use their accumulated Fuel to complete the redemption process.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much Fuel can I earn per quiz question?

Each correct quiz question is worth 10 Fuel.

Can I transfer Fuel to my friends or family members?

Fuel is non-transferable and is tied to the individual student's account.

Do I have to pay any taxes on the prizes I redeem with Fuel?

Taxes on prizes are subject to local and federal regulations, and it is the responsibility of the prize recipient to report any such income as required.

Can I exchange Fuel for real money?

Fuel cannot be directly exchanged for real money. It can only be redeemed for the available prizes in the Jetson Drip Shop.

What happens to my Fuel if I uninstall the Jetson app?

Your Fuel remains associated with your account, even if you uninstall the app. Reinstalling the app and signing in with the same account will grant you access to your previously earned Fuel.

Is there an expiration date for my earned Fuel?

Fuel does not expire and can be saved to be redeemed for prizes in the Drip Shop at any time.


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