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You're probably not a good fit for the team if...

  • You haven't founded a company (of any size) or don't aspire to one day

  • You prefer to work in an office five days a week

  • You get the most done when others hold you accountable

  • You prefer routines and consistency

  • You're looking for management experience

  • Intuition drives most of your decision making


What working at Jetson is like:

Our team is fully distributed with team members in various states and countries. Team members don't ask 'Can I work somewhere else this week?' There are no set working hours or in-person requirements and there never will be. Everyone on our team executes most (if not all) of their own strategies. Our team leaders do so by getting their hands dirty and leading from the front. We trust each other to get the most out of ourselves. We bring data to every conversation. We smile a lot. We care about each other. Everyone is here to learn.

Just so you know...

We are a really early stage company. This means joining the Jetson team assumes a lot of risk. All candidates are brought on in a 'contract to hire' basis. We believe working together is a far better evaluation tool than resumes or interviews. Submit your info below if this sounds interesting!


You can expect to provide:

  • 2-3 references of people you have worked with

  • Your LinkedIn (or resume if you prefer)

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