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Jetson Internships applications are now open! These positions are available for Spring & Summer of 2024. Any current college student/recent graduate can and is encouraged to apply. All positions are remote and paid.



Product Development

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As a part-time, remote Marketing Intern at Jetson, you'll collaboratively plan and execute data-driven social media and email campaigns, leveraging analytics and creativity to engage young entrepreneurs and drive brand growth.


In Jetson's remote, part-time Sales/Growth Internship, you'll partner with sales and marketing experts to develop and implement growth strategies, gaining practical experience in market dynamics and user acquisition to influence the company's growth.

Product Management

In the remote, part-time Product Development Internship at Jetson, you'll collaborate with a cross-functional team on data-driven product creation, focusing on customer feedback and the intricacies of the development cycle to build user-centric innovations.


As a Marketing Intern with Jetson, you'll be an integral part of our marketing team, contributing to real projects in a collaborative environment. This part-time, remote internship, open to candidates across the US, involves planning and executing data-driven social media campaigns and email marketing strategies. You’ll work closely with experienced marketers and cross-functional teams, gaining insights into the nuances of targeting young entrepreneurs. Using a blend of analytics and creativity, you'll learn how each element of a campaign can impact user engagement and brand growth.


  • Currently residing in and citizen of the United States

  • Currently pursuing or recently graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Digital Media, Communications, or a related field from an accredited college or university.

  • Strong understanding and hands-on experience with social media platforms and digital marketing tools.

  • Ability to manage multiple tasks, set priorities, and adhere to deadlines.

  • Creativity in problem-solving and an innovative approach to marketing challenges.

  • Proficient in Microsoft Office, particularly Excel, and comfortable with data analysis.

  • Excellent communication, interpersonal skills, and effective presentation capabilities.

  • Strong organizational skills and attention to detail.


In the Sales/Growth Internship at Jetson, you will collaborate with marketing and sales professionals, playing a crucial role in developing and executing growth strategies. This remote, part-time position is designed for applicants from anywhere in the US. You’ll be involved in hands-on projects, learning about market dynamics and user acquisition techniques. Your work will directly influence our growth trajectory, offering you a chance to see the impact of your strategies in real time and refine your skills in business development.


  • Currently residing in and citizen of the United States

  • Currently enrolled in or a recent graduate of a degree program in Business, Sales, Marketing, or related fields.

  • Comfortable with technology, including CRM and sales software.

  • Capable of driving projects, managing timelines, and multitasking.

  • Analytical mindset with an understanding of business growth strategies.

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills, skilled in remote collaboration.

  • Effective organizational and time-management abilities.

  • Experience with Microsoft Office suite, especially Excel.

Product Development

The Product Development Internship at Jetson is a unique opportunity to be deeply involved in the product creation process. Working remotely on a part-time basis, you’ll engage with experienced product managers, designers, and engineers. Your role will be data-centric, focusing on customer discovery and feedback integration. You’ll be part of a cross-functional team, exploring various stages of product development and learning about the importance of each detail in the sprint cycle. This role is ideal for those passionate about developing innovative products that resonate with users.


  • Currently residing in and citizen of the United States

  • Pursuing or recently completed a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, Product Design, or related fields.

  • Comfortable working with technology and technical platforms; basic knowledge of software development processes is advantageous.

  • Able to drive projects, manage timelines, and balance multiple tasks.

  • Creative thinker with an interest in developing user-centric product solutions.

  • Solid foundation in project management principles.

  • Strong communication skills for both internal collaboration and presenting ideas.

  • Organizational skills and attention to detail.

  • Understanding data analysis and user research methodologies is beneficial.

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