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Best High School Internships (2024)

Getting an internship while you are still in high school can be a great way to get ahead on college resumes, college internships, and first jobs. It can also help you decide what to major in during college and what working in a specific job is actually like day-to-day. But it doesn't seem like there are many internships advertised out there... so what are your best options?

the best high school internships

Best Business High School Program: Jetson

the best business high school internship

The Jetson Entrepreneur-In-Residence Summer Program offers a unique opportunity to learn the fundamentals of starting and running your own business but also pairs you with experts and mentors in the field. This hands-on approach ensures you learn practical skills and build your portfolio and resume —all before you even graduate!

Best STEM High School Internship: NASA

the best STEM high school internship

NASA has an amazing list of space-focused internships, although it is highly competitive to get into, and you must be at least 16 to participate. The internship experience allows your to work directly with full-time NASA employees on science & technology focused projects. It also has a pathways track that can lead to full-time employment following a 4-year college degree!

Best Medical High School Internship: National Institute of Health

the best medical high school internship

The National Institute of Health has a summer internship program for biomedical-focused high school students. To participate you must be at least 17 years of age. The internship is in person only so you must live close to one of these locations to participate:

  • Bethesda, MD

  • Baltimore, MD

  • Frederick, MD

  • Research Triangle Park, NC

  • Hamilton, MT

  • Framingham, MA

  • Phoenix, AZ

  • Detroit, MI

Best Journalism High School Internship: BU Journalism Academy

the best journalism high school internship

The Summer Journalism Academy at Boston University gives high school students the opportunity to expand their skills and prepare for college, either through a residential experience on campus or through remote instruction from home. Each academy instructor is also a working journalist, so what’s taught is grounded in real-life experience. Each lesson is tied to its practical application, by giving students actual reporting assignments. Each day is a sample of life as a news reporter.

Best Non-Profit High School Internship: Bank of America Student Leadership Program

the best non-profit high school internship

The Bank of America Student Leadership Program connects more than 300 community-minded high school juniors and seniors from over 100 communities to employment, skills development and service. Through paid internships with local nonprofits and participation in a national leadership summit, they gain practical work and life experience.

Ready to apply for a High School Internship?

Remember that all of these high school internships have age requirements, participation terms and application deadlines. Apply now so you can get ahead!


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