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The Easiest Side Hustle for High Schoolers

By James Yang

Are you in high school and looking for a way to earn extra cash? If so, look no further, as tutoring might just be the perfect side hustle for you!

As someone whose tutored over 250 students through an NPO, I can promise that tutoring is one of the most beneficial gigs that offer a lot of benefits for your own personal growth and academic success.

Whether you choose to go through a company or being an entrepreneur and hustle for clients, tutoring is easy and flexible for anyone looking to make money and open to teaching others in topics that are your greatest strengths!

Side Hustles for teens - tutoring:

Great Rates:

You may choose your own hourly fee as an instructor and typically charge more than the minimum wage. You may earn between $20 - $50 per hour depending on your location and topic competence, which can rapidly add up. Furthermore, the more experience you have and the more favorable ratings you have, the more you may charge.

Flexible Schedule:

One of the most appealing aspects of tutoring is the ability to work flexible hours. Sessions may be scheduled around your academics, extracurricular activities, and social life. This makes it a great side hustle for busy high school students looking to earn additional money without neglecting their other responsibilities.

If you're worries about how it will affect your lifestyle and how much time it will take, this is a great side hustle because you can decide all of these factors. This is the best first job for teens who have free time on their hands and aren't looking for a full time job that is rigorous and demanding.

YOU choose your clients:

Remember, YOU have the opportunity to pick your own clients as an instructor. This means you'll be able to work with students who are a good fit for you and whom you're comfortable teaching. Depending on your interests and talents, you might also opt to specialize in specific subjects or age groups.

Maybe a good start would be to make your siblings or younger cousins as your first clients. It wouldn't hurt to try and start within your circle.


Tutoring is a popular side business for high school students since it provides flexible hours, the flexibility to select your own customers and a good hourly rate. Tutoring may be done in person or online, making it convenient to work around your schedule. Selecting your own clients allows you to personalize your teaching approach to their particular needs, leading to more productive sessions and the opportunity for repeat business. Furthermore, tutoring may be lucrative, making it an excellent option to supplement your income while also assisting others in their academic success.

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