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Why can't I find a job?

"Why can't I find a job, I applied for 500 jobs together before and after I finished college."

hard to find a job

Last 7 days, I've reviewed 100+ college students' resumes and spotted some common mistakes that could be holding you back from landing your dream job, especially in STEM. 

Missing Target Job Title

Always ensure your resume clearly states the job title you are applying for, matching it exactly to the one in the job posting. This demonstrates your specific interest in the role and shows that your application is tailored, not generic.

Lacking a Professional Summary

Kick off your resume with a compelling three-sentence summary at the top. Consider this your personal elevator pitch: it should succinctly highlight your relevant experiences, industry knowledge, key skills, and notable achievements. Make every word count to make an impact!

Including Irrelevant Experience

Customize your resume for each job application. Exclude any experiences that don't relate to the job’s requirements, focusing instead on relevant achievements that align with the qualifications the employer is seeking.

❌ Lack of Real Work Experience

Don’t downplay this section! If your direct job experience is minimal, be sure to include details about internships, volunteer work, or personal projects that demonstrate relevant skills and initiative.

❌ Bad Resume Structure

For entry-level STEM positions, adopt a clear and professional structure in your resume:

✅ Name

✅ Contact Information (ensure this includes a LinkedIn profile link)

✅ Target Job Title

✅ Professional Summary

✅ Skills

✅ Education

✅ Work Experience

✅ Projects (highlight any that are relevant to the job)

✅ Volunteering & Leadership Roles (optional, but can be a great differentiator)

By addressing these common issues and tailoring your resume accordingly, you'll greatly enhance your resume's effectiveness, improving your chances of finding a job. If you want to further develop your skills or embark on a new project, download the Jetson app for free. It’s designed to help budding professionals like you build practical skills and gain real-world experience.

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