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How to Enhance your Resume for College Applications

By Vignesh N.

When applying to college, your resume can be a key factor in determining whether or not you are accepted. A well-crafted resume can showcase your strengths, experiences, and achievements in a way that highlights your potential as a student.

Not all college applications require a resume, but it's always good to submit a resume if it's an option. For example, the Common App only requires an activities list. However, you can still submit a resume, which can provide schools with a fuller picture of your academic performance, interests, and hobbies (Best Colleges).

Furthermore, including a resume in your college application is advantageous for two reasons.

First, a resume serve as a great summary of your leadership examples and achievements in and outside of the classroom. Instead of provide a list of extracurricular activities, achievements, and leadership roles, you should provide the admission team with a story through your resume.

Second, a resume can be an useful tool to elaborate on experiences not mentioned in other places in your application. Overall, a resume is helpful as a quick summary of who you are as a person, a student, and a leader.

Here are some tips for enhancing your resume for college applications:

  • Tailor your resume to the college. Research the college you are applying to and tailor your resume to showcase your experiences and achievements that align with the college's mission and values.

  • Highlight your academic achievements. Include your GPA, class rank, and any academic awards or honors you have received. Also, list any academic clubs or organizations you have participated in.

  • Include extracurricular activities. List any extracurricular activities you have been involved in, such as clubs, sports teams, and volunteer work. Be sure to include any leadership roles or positions of responsibility you have held.

  • Showcase your work experience. If you have any relevant work experience, such as internships, part-time jobs, or volunteer work, include it on your resume. Be sure to highlight any responsibilities or skills you have gained.

  • Use action words. Use action words such as "led," "managed," and "coordinated" to describe your experiences and achievements. This will make your resume more dynamic and engaging.

  • Use keywords. Use keywords that align with the college and major you are applying to. These keywords will help your resume stand out to the admissions committee and increase the chances of it being selected for further review.

  • Keep it concise. Keep your resume to one page and use bullet points to make it easy to read.

By following these tips, you can create a resume that showcases your strengths and experiences in a way that will catch the attention of college admissions committees. Remember to proofread your resume multiple times and ask for feedback from teachers or guidance counselors before submitting it.

Keep in mind that a resume is just one part of the college application process, and other factors like your essays, letters of recommendation, and test scores will also be considered by the admissions committee. So, don't put all your eggs in one basket but rather focus on all aspects of your application.

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