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The Rise of Dutch Bros: From Dairy farm to Coffee Fame

The Dutch Bros Story
Dane and Travis Boersma, captured at their pushcart by the Railroad Tracks in downtown Grant Pass, Oregon

In the competitive world of coffee retail, Dutch Bros has carved out a niche that is both endearing and successful. Founded by the Boersma brothers, who transitioned from a dairy farming background to pioneering in the coffee industry, Dutch Bros has a story that is as rich and vibrant as the coffee they serve. Let's delve into the journey of how a small espresso stand in Grants Pass, Oregon, grew into a renowned coffee chain.

How did the Dutch Bros start?

Growing up on a dairy farm in Grants Pass, Oregon, instilled a strong work ethic in the Boersma brothers. Their early fascination with coffee, sparked during a visit to an espresso cart in Pioneer Square, Portland, would later brew into a successful venture, despite their mother's warnings that coffee could stunt their growth (kind of ironic, no?).

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Mentorship and Learning

Their passion for coffee found a mentor in Paul Layton, owner of a small coffee roasting company. Layton's 'mad scientist lab' of coffee varieties and equipment nurtured the brothers' knowledge and love for coffee, setting a solid foundation for their future enterprise.

Market Research

Before the digital era of Google Maps and cell phones, the brothers embarked on a road trip along the I-Five corridor, visiting various coffee establishments from California to Seattle. This hands-on market research approach demonstrated their commitment and tenacity, laying the groundwork for their customer-centric business model.

Focus on Customer Experience

How did dutch bros start?

From the outset, the duo prioritized efficiency and quality, envisioning a machine capable of brewing two espressos simultaneously to reduce customer wait time. This early focus on customer experience became a hallmark of their business approach.

Business Launch and Initial Strategies

Launching their business with a custom trailer in a vacant lot that once housed Western Espresso, the brothers introduced a drive-through espresso bar, a novel concept at the time. Their creative customer acquisition strategy, including offering free coffee to people fetching their mail, quickly built a loyal customer base, with daily earnings exceeding $300.

Influence of Self-Improvement Literature

Guided by the wisdom gleaned from Tony Robbins' books, the brothers penned down their dreams, a practice that subconsciously steered them towards actualizing their aspirations, including building a coffee house and expanding to different states.

Expansion and Franchising

How to open a dutch bros?

The business burgeoned through an accidental franchising model initiated by a customer's proposal to open a similar outlet in Medford. This marked the beginning of a franchising journey that emphasized selling only to individuals who understood the company's values and culture, fostering a community grounded in relationships and shared values.

Challenges and Resilience

2004 brought significant hurdles, including Dane's ALS diagnosis and a devastating fire at their warehouse. Yet, with the community's support and an unyielding spirit, they bounced back, showcasing remarkable resilience.

Innovations and Product Development

Innovation remained a cornerstone of Dutch Bros' strategy, evidenced by their inventive beverage creations using Tarani syrups and Red Bull, and later launching their own energy drink, the Dutch Bros Blue Rebel, following negotiations with Red Bull.

IPO and Recent Developments

September 2021 marked a significant milestone with Dutch Bros going public on the New York Stock Exchange, a testament to their sustained growth and community-focused approach.

Our Conclusions

From humble beginnings on a dairy farm to becoming a powerhouse in the coffee industry, Dutch Bros' journey is a testimony to resilience, innovation, and the power of community. As they continue to grow, one can only anticipate more success, grounded in their rich heritage and forward-thinking approach.


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