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How to create a Dating App - Lessons from Hinge

How does hinge work?

Justin McLeod: The Man Behind Hinge's Resurrection

In the competitive world of dating apps, Hinge has carved out a niche for itself, fostering connections that are designed to last. The mastermind behind this success is none other than its co-founder and CEO, Justin McLeod. In a candid conversation with CNBC Make It, as part of their "Behind the Desk" series, McLeod shares the personal journey that led to the creation and evolution of Hinge.

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The Genesis of Hinge

Back in 2011, a time when the digital landscape was rapidly evolving, Justin McLeod was navigating the challenging corridors of Harvard Business School. Apart from the academic pressure, McLeod was battling personal demons, including addiction and a heart-wrenching breakup. It was a period marked with turmoil, but as it often happens, it was this chaos that birthed a groundbreaking idea — Hinge.

McLeod saw a gap in the market; dating apps that existed then were more about casual encounters rather than fostering meaningful connections. He envisioned a platform that would be a haven for young individuals, a place where they could build genuine relationships based on shared interests and values, a stark departure from the superficial swipe culture prevalent in other apps.

Despite facing setbacks, including initial user dissatisfaction and financial hurdles, McLeod remained undeterred. His entrepreneurial spirit fueled his determination to create a space where young people could find authentic connections. He believed in the potential of Hinge, a belief rooted in understanding the pulse of a generation that seeks depth and real engagement.

This phase of conceptualizing Hinge was more than just the birth of a dating app; it was a lesson in perseverance, a testament to the fact that entrepreneurial journeys are marred with challenges but armed with a vision, one can carve out a niche. McLeod's journey with Hinge teaches aspiring entrepreneurs the importance of resilience, the courage to pivot when necessary, and the vision to see a gap in the market and fill it with a solution that resonates with the target audience.

As Gen-Z steps into the dating world, they find in Hinge a platform that understands their desire for more substantial connections, a space that mirrors their values of depth and authenticity, thanks to McLeod's foresight and understanding of evolving relationship dynamics.

The Rebirth of Hinge

The journey wasn't smooth; in its infancy, the app faced criticism for not fostering serious relationships, a critique that resonated deeply with McLeod, who was not just the creator but also a user of the platform. It was a pivotal moment, a realization that to cater to a generation that values authenticity and deep connections, a change was imperative.

Embodying the spirit of a true entrepreneur, McLeod took this feedback to heart, ushering in a transformative era for Hinge in 2015 and 2016. The app underwent a complete overhaul, shifting its focus from mere engagement to actively facilitating real dates, a move that was in line with the desires of a Gen-Z audience seeking meaningful interactions in the digital dating landscape.

This period also marked the inception of Hinge Labs, an innovative feature that went a step further in the dating ecosystem. It was designed to assist users in navigating the complexities of relationships beyond the initial match, offering insights and guidance to foster deeper connections. It was not just an app feature but a learning tool, a nod to the entrepreneurial spirit of continuous improvement and innovation, always striving to offer something more, something better.

Through Hinge Labs, McLeod demonstrated a commitment to understanding and adapting to the evolving dynamics of relationships, a lesson for budding entrepreneurs in understanding their audience and being willing to innovate to meet their needs, thereby creating a product that not only serves but resonates with its users, especially the discerning Gen-Z that values depth and authenticity in their connections.

How does Hinge work?

In a crowded market of online dating platforms, Hinge aims to distinguish itself through a more relationship-focused approach. But how exactly does Hinge work? Initially, users are prompted to set up a profile that includes photos along with a selection of personal prompts to answer, providing a more detailed glimpse into their personality and preferences compared to just photos. The app operates by suggesting potential matches based on a variety of factors including preferences set by the user and the way they interact with other profiles on the app.

Users can "like" specific elements of someone's profile such as a photo or a prompt answer, and can also leave a comment to initiate a more personalized conversation. Hinge also incorporates a feature called "We Met" where users can give feedback on how their dates went, which is intended to help the app offer better match suggestions over time. It is through these mechanisms that Hinge endeavors to foster connections that are more serious and long-lasting compared to the casual swipes found in other dating apps.

The Financial Rollercoaster

The reboot was more than just a reset; it was a financial rollercoaster, a deep dive into the startup world's uncertainties where the stakes were high and the funds were dwindling. McLeod and his team were burning through most of their financial reservoir, a scenario familiar to many young entrepreneurs in the Gen-Z cohort, who often start with a dream and a shoestring budget.

Yet, it was McLeod's unwavering belief in Hinge's potential, a belief rooted in understanding the pulse of a generation seeking genuine connections, that steered the ship through turbulent waters. His foresight and determination culminated in a triumphant Series A seed round in 2015. Through strategic planning and a clear vision that resonated with investors, they raised a monumental $17.5 million, skyrocketing the company's valuation to an estimated $75.5 million.

This financial journey is not just a testament to Hinge's potential but a master class in entrepreneurial resilience for Gen-Z innovators. It showcases the power of belief in one's venture, the courage to adapt, and the rewards of perseverance, offering a blueprint for young entrepreneurs to navigate the financial rollercoasters of the startup landscape with grit and vision.

Personal Triumphs and Challenges

Interestingly, while Hinge became a hub for fostering countless connections, McLeod's love story took a turn towards the familiar, finding resolution and love in a rekindled relationship with his college sweetheart, whom he eventually married. This narrative of returning to one's roots might resonate well with many Gen-Z individuals who value authenticity and deep connections in relationships.

Moreover, McLeod's personal journey of overcoming addiction has not just been a personal triumph but a cornerstone in shaping his leadership style. It instilled in him, and consequently in the Hinge culture, a philosophy of continuous improvement and resilience. This approach mirrors the Gen-Z ethos of learning from experiences and evolving, constantly working towards betterment, both personally and professionally. It stands as a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit, encouraging young leaders to embrace their personal narratives, with all its ups and downs, to foster a work culture that is grounded, empathetic, and constantly striving for excellence.

A Day in the Life of Justin McLeod

McLeod shares a glimpse into his daily routine, a structured yet self-aware regimen that might resonate with the Gen-Z emphasis on mental health and well-being. Waking up naturally between 6 a.m. and 7:30 a.m., he starts his day with a mindful approach, dedicating time to self-reflection through journaling — a practice that encourages mental clarity and fosters creativity, both essential traits for budding entrepreneurs.

Following this, he engages in physical exercise, incorporating a blend of yoga and rowing, activities that are not just about physical fitness but also about building discipline and resilience, traits that are vital in the entrepreneurial world. Rounding off his morning routine with meditation, McLeod ensures to carve out a space for mental well-being, a practice that is increasingly being adopted by the Gen-Z workforce to enhance productivity and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

This routine, grounded in self-care and mindfulness, prepares him to face the day's challenges with a positive and focused mindset, offering a blueprint for young entrepreneurs to start their day on a note of positivity and readiness, equipped to face the challenges ahead.

Navigating Leadership During the Pandemic

The pandemic brought forth unprecedented challenges, putting a dent in McLeod's hands-on leadership style, a style that resonates with the Gen-Z preference for collaborative and inclusive work environments. Despite the hurdles, including the remote work setup that hindered spontaneous interactions and the organic building of relationships — a core value for many Gen-Z individuals — McLeod remains hopeful.

He is eager to reunite with his team in person, emphasizing the importance of interpersonal relationships in fostering a resilient and vibrant company culture, a sentiment strongly echoed in the Gen-Z work ethos. Through this lens, McLeod’s approach to navigating leadership during the pandemic can serve as a learning curve for young entrepreneurs, illustrating the importance of adaptability and the maintenance of team dynamics in unprecedented times, a lesson in resilience and hope for the Gen-Z entrepreneurial spirit.

Conclusion: A Gen-Z Entrepreneurial Blueprint

Justin McLeod's journey with Hinge is more than a success story; it's a blueprint for Gen-Z entrepreneurs harboring dreams fueled by resilience and a belief in the power of continuous improvement. From navigating personal struggles to steering Hinge through its most challenging phases, McLeod's narrative is a vivid tapestry of determination and an unyielding belief in the potential of his brainchild.

As Hinge continues to evolve under his stewardship, it stands as a beacon of hope for the Gen-Z entrepreneurial spirit, demonstrating that with perseverance, a willingness to adapt, and a finger on the pulse of technological advancements and changing social dynamics, success isn't just a possibility; it's attainable. It encourages the new wave of young entrepreneurs to not just dream, but to iterate, adapt, and grow, showcasing a path where passion meets perseverance, a true embodiment of the Gen-Z entrepreneurial spirit.

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