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The Easiest Way to Break into Tech: Start at a Non-Tech Company

Breaking into the tech industry may be difficult, especially given the intense competition. However, there is a less common path that could lead to better opportunities: starting out at a non-tech company.

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How to break into tech?

1. Broader Opportunities

Non-tech companies in sectors such as retail, manufacturing, insurance, and banking are undergoing significant digital transformations. This shift has created a high demand for tech skills, often with fewer hiring barriers compared to traditional tech firms. These industries are eager to integrate new technologies, perfect opportunities for tech-savvy individuals.

2. Diverse Tech Roles

Non-tech companies offer a variety of entry-level tech roles that can serve as a launchpad for your career. Positions like IT support, data analyst, QA tester, web developer, and project manager are in demand. These roles provide a solid starting point and open the door to more advanced tech positions, allowing you to build a long career in the industry.

3. Less Competition

Unlike the tech giants, non-tech companies typically have smaller candidate pools for their tech roles. This increases your chances of not just landing a job but potentially securing a position with more responsibility. The lower competition allows you to gain valuable experience and climb the career ladder quickly.

4. Transferable Skills

The skills and experiences you gain in these roles are highly transferable and valued across the tech industry. Whether you decide to transition to a tech-first company later on or climb the ladder within a non-tech company, your skill set will serve as a strong foundation. Skills such as problem-solving, project management, and technical proficiency are appreciated in tech across the board.

How to Get Started?

Build a Portfolio: Your portfolio will be your proof of experience, showcasing your abilities to potential employers. It demonstrates your skills and projects, increasing your chances of securing a tech role. Start by working on personal projects, contributing to open-source, or taking on freelance work to build a diverse portfolio.

Find Your Next Project: Need inspiration for your next project? Download the Jetson app. It’s designed to help up-and-coming professionals like you find and build projects that enhance your tech skills and showcase your problem-solving abilities.


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