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Pranav Konjeti: The 16-Year-Old Entrepreneur

A passion for coding and a vision to make a difference—this is the story of Pranav Konjeti, a 16-year-old entrepreneur whose journey inspires us all.

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The Beginning

Last year, Pranav joined Jetson's summer program, which offered participants two tracks: build a feature for an existing product or create something entirely new. Seeing a gap in the market for high school students seeking extracurricular programs, competitions, and internships, Pranav chose to create something new, even though he didn't fully know what he was getting into.

Creating Talem

By the end of the program, Pranav had built Talem, a one-stop resource designed to help high school students find extracurricular opportunities. Initially, the website had zero traffic, but Pranav's determination to succeed drove him to start sharing it on Reddit and Discord. Slowly but surely, word spread, and students began using the platform.

Growing Success

Today, Talem has grown exponentially, boasting over 1 million visits, 200,000 unique users, and 500 daily active users. The platform offers numerous opportunities accessible to students worldwide, providing them with a valuable resource to advance their educational and extracurricular pursuits.

Expanding the Team and Future Plans

Recognizing the need for further growth, Pranav has expanded his team to five members with expertise in marketing, design, and development. Looking ahead, Pranav plans to develop a mobile app and add new features such as scholarship listings and Q&A sessions with college students. These enhancements will further enrich the platform and provide even greater value to its users.

The Journey of Persistence and Innovation

Pranav's entrepreneurial journey is a powerful example of turning a challenge into an opportunity through persistence and innovation. His story highlights the importance of taking the first step, no matter how daunting it may seem. The road to success is rarely smooth, and detours are often part of the journey. However, by staying committed and continually innovating, you can find a way to succeed.

Take Your First Step with Jetson

Inspired by Pranav's journey? You too can turn your ideas into reality. The Jetson app is here to guide you through your entrepreneurial journey, offering resources, mentorship, and tools to help you succeed. Start your journey today with Jetson and see where your passion and determination can take you. Download the Jetson app and take your first step towards entrepreneurial success.


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