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No Internship? Stand Out With Your Own Project!

Don't stress if you haven’t secured a summer internship yet. There’s another fantastic way to build real-world experience – start your own project, and stand out!

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Step 1: Align with Your Career & Internship Goals

Begin by identifying a job listing that excites you the most. Carefully examine the requirements and qualifications for that role. Align your project with those criteria to ensure you work on tasks and skills directly relevant to your desired career path. You'll create a strong foundation by mirroring the functions and skills required for your future role.

Step 2: Focus on Impact and Solve Real Problems

Identify a common issue or need in your community or industry and design a project that addresses it meaningfully. Engage with real users to gather feedback and ensure your project makes a genuine impact. This approach highlights your technical skills and showcases your problem-solving abilities, making you a more attractive candidate to future employers.

Project Ideas for CS and UX Students

For Computer Science Students:

  • Develop a web or mobile app: Create something innovative like a personal chatbot, a recommendation engine, or a cybersecurity threat detection system.

  • Contribute to open-source projects: Gain experience and recognition by contributing to existing projects within the community.

  • Create a machine learning project: Dive into the world of AI by developing a machine learning model that addresses a specific problem.

For UX Design Students:

  • Redesign a popular web or mobile app: Improve user interfaces and experiences on well-known platforms.

  • Conduct user research for a new app concept: Identify user needs and design a new app based on your findings.

  • Perform usability testing on existing apps: Analyze current applications and suggest enhancements to improve user experience.

Making Your Project Stand Out

While working on your project, focus on documenting your progress and results. Create a portfolio showcasing your work, detailing the problem you addressed, the solution you developed, and your project's impact. Highlight your technical skills, user feedback, and any quantitative metrics demonstrating success. Consider posting your progress on LinkedIn, or even better, create an engaging TikTok series!

Looking for Inspiration?

If you need inspiration for your project, download the Jetson app. It’s a fantastic resource to help budding professionals like you build practical skills and gain real-world experience. It will provide you with step-by-step learnings and objectives to complete your project!


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