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Jetson Alumni Highlight

About Anthony Sepe

Jetson Alumni Highlight

Anthony Sepe is a senior at H. Frank Carey High School in Franklin Square, New York. He is an aspiring finance major with a deeply-rooted pursuit of success in the financial field.

He was a Jetson summer intern and launched his business idea through Jetson's entrepreneurship program. Facilitating his skills in the realms of finance and social awareness, Anthony has worked with several non-profit organizations, and has founded his own, The FinLit Foundation, which works to address the pressing issue of low financial literacy rates in periphery nations and marginalized communities worldwide.

Q&A with Anthony

Q: How was your experience as a summer intern at Jetson?

A: "I was captivated by the internship due to it’s multi-faceted system that both nourished my independent and entrepreneurial spirit, alongside personalized support from the experts on the Jetson team to make my dreams of starting my own business come true." "I truly valued my time at Jetson, getting to meet and interact with likeminded youth like myself during our weekly discussions, both with my peers and my mentor, Jaafar Altameemi. I gained some highly valuable insights into how a business is run, everything from creating pitch decks for potential venture capital investors to creating a market research & competitive landscape analysis document to keep track of my competitors in my journey to start my athletic supplement line. I sincerely cherished this internship, it gave me something that other internships simply didn’t offer, and that is the personalized approach to launching my own business, with guidance from my peers and mentors within this internship."

Q: How has your perspective on entrepreneurship changed?

A: "I’ve received a lot support and guidance from the Jetson community, getting to meet and network with hundreds of my peers who are on the right track with a common goal in mind allowed me to gain a sense of community and progress. Getting to know some of my peers has allowed me to collab/hire some Jetson interns for my non-profit organization, The FinLit Foundation."

Q: How has Jetson's program impacted you?

A: "The program has impacted me in many different ways, the most impact this internship has had on me is gaining the much-needed guidance to learn how a tech startup like Jetson is launched and operated, as well as gaining knowledge relating to starting my own business. The app, in general, is very effective in self-educating the business fundamentals that are necessary to run a business as an entrepreneur, the games proved to be intuitive, informational, and entertaining, and getting to first place on the leaderboard was a highlight of my internship, and I can confidently say that the system put in place through our internship for the app has paid off tremendously. The update that was released at the end of the internship completely transformed the UI and added some new features that greatly improved the app experience."

Q: What advice would you give to a freshman interested in starting a business/being an entrepreneur?

A: "Do it, that’s all I can say. Truthfully, the most important thing when you’re young is to experiment and learn what you love and want to do, and what you are not so necessarily passionate about. As I was going into this internship that was entirely my thought process, what do I, a 16-year-old, have to lose when it comes to starting my own business and learning all of the factors that go into it? Go for it, whoever’s reading this may be on the fence about launching that brand-new business idea, do it. "

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