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Jetson Alumni Highlight

About Malhar Pandhi

Jetson Alumni - Priyankaa

Malhar is a senior at Keller High School in Keller, Texas. His academic interests are primarily focused on the medical field, but through Jetson he has discovered a keen for marketing.

Malhar made significant contributions during his time in Jetson's summer cohort program. He developed important prototype features that were integrated into Jetson's app. After his completion in the program, he has decided to join Jetson as content marketing intern.

Q&A with Malhar Pandhi

Q: How was your experience as a summer intern at Jetson?

A: "During the summer of 2023, Jetson allowed me to gain many new skills. I was able to meet with a group of like-minded individuals and was able to build a tight-knit community. From all the different projects we were given by the Jetson team, each one had a key skill that targeted a certain aspect of Jetson's mission. Overall, being part of Jetson has opened many new opportunities and network that I did not know I would have before this experience."

Q: How has your perspective on entrepreneurship changed?

A: "Before Jetson, I had elementary knowledge of what entrepreneurship exactly was. On the first day of the guest speaker, I was able to gain a better insight to it and understood the deeper meaning. Jetson's program shifted my perspective, making me realize that while anyone can venture into entrepreneurship, what one does as an entrepreneur is of greater significance. Under the guidance of the CEO, Will Rush, I was able to understand that being an entrepreneur is about more than just managing a business."

Q: What advice would you give to a freshman interested in starting a business/being an entrepreneur?

A: "Start by brainstorming and slowly from that make your idea better and better. If a business idea does not work the first time keep trying until something clicks. I think the most important part of starting a business is starting small. As it slowly gets bigger, the more attention it'll have and your connections and network will grow with you."


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