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15 Best Pitch Deck Examples and Downloads

Best Pitch Decks

Pitch decks are an essential tool for startups and entrepreneurs looking to raise capital. They provide a concise and compelling overview of your business idea, the problem you're solving, and how you plan to do it. A well-crafted pitch deck can make the difference between securing funding or going back to the drawing board.

About Y Combinator & 500 Startups

Y Combinator (YC) and 500 Startups are two of the most prestigious startup accelerators in the world. They have been instrumental in the success of many startups, providing mentorship, funding, and a platform to showcase their ideas to a wider audience. Being accepted into these programs is a testament to a startup's potential, and their pitch decks often set the standard for what investors expect.

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Best 20 Startup Pitch Decks

1) Airbnb

airbnb pitchdeck download

Airbnb is an online platform that connects hosts offering unique accommodations with travelers seeking local experiences. Founded in 2008, it has reshaped the way people travel by emphasizing local, authentic stays.

Why We Love Their Deck:

Airbnb's pitch deck brilliantly distilled a disruptive idea into a clear and compelling narrative, showcasing the market potential and emphasizing the human connection at the heart of their business model.

Download AirBnB's Pitch Deck

Download PDF • 14.74MB

2) Uber

uber pitch deck download

Uber is a ride-sharing platform that connects drivers with riders in real-time, offering a modern alternative to traditional taxi services. Since its inception in 2009, it has revolutionized urban mobility and expanded globally.

Why We Love Their Pitch Deck:

Uber's pitch deck was a masterclass in clarity and vision. It succinctly highlighted the pain points of urban transportation and presented Uber as an innovative, scalable solution, effectively conveying the company's immense market potential.

Download Uber's Pitch Deck

Download PDF • 1.24MB

3) Front

startup pitch deck download

Front offers a unified workspace that amalgamates apps, emails, and team collaboration into a single shared inbox, streamlining team communication and productivity.

Why We Love Their Pitch Deck:

Front's pitch deck stands out for its crisp design and visual appeal. It begins with a compelling value proposition, seamlessly transitions into customer data and growth metrics, and provides transparent financial insights. This clear and engaging presentation not only garnered attention from major publications like Inc. and Business Insider but also successfully secured $66 million in venture capital funding.

Download Front's Pitch Deck

Front App-Pitch-Deck
Download PDF • 5.50MB


doordash startup pitch deck download

DoorDash is an on-demand food delivery service that connects people with the best in their cities, making local restaurants and eateries accessible to consumers right at their doorsteps. Launched in 2013, it has rapidly become a leading player in the food delivery market.

Why We Love Their Pitch Deck:

DoorDash's pitch deck is a testament to simplicity and focus. It effectively communicates the problem of inaccessible quality dining and positions DoorDash as the optimal solution. The deck's use of clear metrics, compelling visuals, and a straightforward narrative makes it easy for investors to grasp the company's value proposition and growth potential.

Download Doordash Pitch Deck

Download PDF • 3.72MB

5) Copper Cow Coffee

coffee startup pitch deck download

Copper Cow Coffee harnesses a unique, eco-friendly pour-over method to deliver premium Vietnamese coffee to consumers, whether they're at home, work, or on an adventure.

Why We Love Their Pitch Deck:

Copper Cow Coffee's pitch deck, presented at 500 Startups, is a masterclass in brevity and impact. Without overwhelming with text, it effectively communicates the business's essence, potential, and scalability, allowing investors to quickly gauge its promise and growth opportunities.

Download Copper Cow's Pitch Deck

Copper Cow Coffee-Pitch-Deck
Download PDF • 27.69MB

6) Lexop

startup pitch deck download

Lexop offers a digital transformation to the age-old practice of paper notices by providing a Certified Email solution, complete with real-time tracking and undeniable legal proof-of-delivery.

Why We Love Their Pitch Deck:

Lexop's pitch deck for the 500 Startups demo day brilliantly encapsulates the core information. The strategic placement of the management team and advisors slide lends credibility, while the concluding slide reiterates key figures, ensuring they remain top-of-mind for investors.

Download Lexop's Pitch Deck

Download PDF • 21.09MB

7) Reflect

mental health startup pitch deck download

Reflect is a pioneering mental health venture that leverages data-driven algorithms to make in-person therapy more accessible and result-oriented by matching individuals with the right professionals.

Why We Love Their Pitch Deck:

Reflect's pitch deck stands out for its sheer simplicity and clarity. It distills complex information into easily digestible chunks, ensuring the audience grasps the core message without feeling overwhelmed.

Download Reflect's Pitch Deck

Download PDF • 243KB

8) Purple Go

app startup pitch deck download

Purple Go empowers traditional retailers with its in-store mobile technology, bridging the gap between brick-and-mortar stores and the digital realm to enhance the overall customer experience.

Why We Love Their Pitch Deck:

Purple Go's pitch deck is visually cohesive with their website, reinforcing brand consistency. The recurring emphasis on their promise to revolutionize the retail experience ensures that this key message resonates with the audience long after the presentation concludes.

Download Purple Go's Pitch Deck

Download PDF • 5.17MB

9) Backstartup

startup pitch deck download

Backstartup offers a modernized solution for accounting, legal, and payroll needs.

Why We Love Their Pitch Deck:

Backstartup's deck shines in its straightforward approach. It effortlessly communicates their mission, methodology, and how they differentiate from conventional market offerings, making it easy for viewers to grasp their unique value proposition.

Download Backstartup's Pitch Deck

Download PDF • 446KB

10) Lexyom

startup pitch deck download

Lexyom is a digital platform that harnesses the power of AI to deliver automated legal services to its users.

Why We Love Their Pitch Deck:

Lexyom's pitch deck, showcased at 500 Startups, is impressively comprehensive. In just nine slides, it provides a holistic view of the legal landscape, their business model, and the online marketplace, demonstrating efficiency and depth.

Download Lexyom's Pitch Deck

Download PDF • 4.09MB

11) Harmonica

startup pitch deck download

Harmonica is a dating app tailored for conservative societies, like Egypt, employing a scientific methodology to help users find compatible life partners in a secure setting.

Why We Love Their Pitch Deck:

Harmonica's presentation brilliantly underscores its unique positioning in the dating app market. It emphasizes trustworthiness and cultural sensitivity, resonating with its target demographic of conservative millennials.

Download Harmonica's Pitch Deck

Download PDF • 671KB

12) Orchard

startup pitch deck download

Orchard provides a solution designed to bolster security for personal smartphones utilized in professional settings.

Why We Love Their Pitch Deck:

Orchard's deck excels in clarity. It lucidly outlines the existing problem, their innovative solution, and the immense opportunity at hand, all while maintaining a concise and engaging format.

Download Orchard's Pitch Deck

Download PDF • 8.88MB

13) Contentools

startup pitch deck download

Contentools serves as a comprehensive platform, streamlining the management of all content marketing endeavors.

Why We Love Their Pitch Deck:

Contentools' pitch deck is succinct and impactful. It delineates the prevalent issue, their approach to address it, and offers insights into their growth, clientele, and team dynamics.

Download Contentool's Pitch Deck

Download PDF • 548KB

14) Home61

startup pitch deck download

Home61 revolutionizes the online real estate landscape, simplifying property rentals and sales with features like a dedicated Personal Assistant, refined search filters, and immediate agent assistance upon home viewing interest.

Why We Love Their Pitch Deck:

Home61's 18-slide presentation masterfully takes the audience on a journey, highlighting market nuances, its shortcomings, and their differentiated approach. The concluding slides bolster trust by showcasing previous investors and outlining future investment strategies.

Download Home61's Pitch Deck

Download PDF • 881KB

15) Worthix

startup pitch deck download

Worthix is a cutting-edge tech enterprise that delves into the intricacies of consumer decisions, leveraging AI to discern the motivations behind purchasing choices.

Why We Love Their Pitch Deck:

Worthix's pitch deck captivates from the get-go, leading with their solution. By spotlighting their clientele, it establishes credibility. The inclusion of financial data further solidifies its position as a well-rounded and compelling pitch.

Download Worthix's Pitch Deck

Download PDF • 1.04MB


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