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Jetson Interns and Their Side Hustles

As a high school student, you often find yourself in positions where you need to make money in any way you can. Hear from Jetson interns about their side hustle gigs that they did to earn extra cash.

The Homework Side Hustle - Shayan Shahab

"My homework for cash side hustle began when one of my classmates approached me with a proposal to do their English homework in exchange for five dollars. Initially, I was hesitant, but the money seemed too good to pass up at that time and age. I agreed to take on the task and was able to complete it, earning a few dollars. This led to more demand, as other people simply found a shortcut to doing their homework.

Doing homework for cash definitely had its own challenges. I had to balance my own schoolwork and extracurricular activities with the demands of my clients. There were also many concerns due to the ethics of this process. To address these issues, I made sure to only take on work that I felt comfortable doing, and I always put in the effort to ensure that the work was original and of high quality.

Despite the challenges, my homework for cash side hustle was a success. I was able to earn a decent amount of money while also developing valuable skills such as time management and communication. I feel as if I got paid for learning more material, which is a win-win."

The Slime Side Hustle - Venice Jithavech

My friends and I used to make and sell slime to our classmates, and through this we learned a lot about entrepreneurship along the way. Making slime was a fun and creative process that my friends and I enjoyed a lot.

Selling slime was a whole different ball game. We had to figure out how to get our products in front of potential buyers and convince them to make a purchase. Selling slime taught us many valuable lessons that we still carry with us today. Here are some of the key takeaways:

  1. Hard work pays off: Selling slime required a lot of hard work, but it also yielded great rewards. By putting in the effort to make a high-quality product and promote it effectively, we were able to generate a significant amount of revenue and build a successful business.

  2. Collaboration is key: We quickly realized that we couldn't do everything on our own. We needed to work together as a team and leverage each other's strengths to make our business thrive. This taught us the importance of collaboration and teamwork in any venture.

  3. Marketing matters: We learned that having a great product is important, but it’s not enough on its own. To be successful, we had to effectively market and promote our slime to our target audience. This taught us the value of marketing and the power of effective communication.

  4. Persistence pays off: There were times when we faced setbacks and challenges, but we didn't let that discourage us. We persisted through the tough times and continued to work hard and innovate. This taught us that persistence pays off and that perseverance is a key ingredient in any successful venture.

Selling Sneakers Side Hustle - Akhilesh Singu

Many people love sneakers and the hype behind certain sneakers drives a whole industry to success. If you love sneakers and love collecting them, sneaker reselling is for you! You can keep collecting sneakers, resell them for a higher value, and make great money. Check your shoe collection, you may own a rare pair of sneakers. It could be worth hundreds of dollars…

You need to understand the sneaker market and its trends well. This includes understanding the different brands and styles, their value, and their demand. To do this, you'd purchase the sneakers at retail prices and resell them at a higher price. You can sell sneakers through online marketplaces such as eBay, StockX, GOAT, and social media platforms such as Instagram. This can be a lucrative side hustle that could turn into a full-time job.

Summer Side Hustle - Aaditya Shah

Starting a basic car washing/detailing service does not have to be complicated! To get started,

you'll only need a few supplies: soap, water, sponges, towels, and a bucket. You can reinvest

your earnings to buy more advanced cleaning supplies like a wheel cleaner, leather cleaner, or

pressure washer.

After you have your equipment, knock on your neighbor's doors and offer to

wash their cars. When offering your services, it's important to be friendly and professional.

Ensure you provide the best experience possible for your customers, as word-of-mouth

marketing will drive sales. Once you get going, consider adding different packages at different

price points and even posting flyers around your neighborhood to market.

If none of these don't sound appealing to you, do things that are appealing and make it into a business. You can make money off of so money things nowadays and often you don't even need to leave the house! We have more side hustles you can check out, especially for this summer.

At Jetson, we strive to educate through our app and provide you with the opportunity to earn money that can be turned into assets. Check out our app and start making money with the Jetson App.


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