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8 Unique College Majors

Choosing a college major can be a daunting task, especially with so many options available.

While some students opt for more traditional majors like business or engineering, others choose more unique majors that allow them to explore their passions and interests in new and exciting ways. Let's take a closer look at three unique college majors: zoology, criminology, and sports medicine.

The No.1 unique college major - Zoology

A zoology major is perfect for students who are interested in animal biology and conservation. Zoology majors study the behavior, anatomy, and physiology of animals, as well as the ecosystems they inhabit. With a degree in zoology, students can pursue careers in fields like wildlife management, animal behavior research, or even veterinary medicine. Perfect for anyone who loves animals!

The No.2 unique college major - Criminology

A criminology major is perfect for students who are interested in the criminal justice system and want to make a positive impact in their communities. Criminology majors study the causes of crime, the psychology of criminals, and the effectiveness of different types of punishment. With a degree in criminology, students can pursue careers in law enforcement, social work, or even policy-making.

The No.3 unique college major - Sports Medicine

This major is perfect for students who are interested in the intersection of medicine and athletics. Sports medicine majors study the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of injuries related to sports and exercise. With a degree in sports medicine, students can pursue careers in fields like athletic training, physical therapy, or sports medicine research.

The No. 4 unique college major - Bowling Industry Management

This major is offered at Vincennes University in Indiana and covers topics like bowling center management, pro shop operations, and lane maintenance. Students who major in Bowling Industry Management typically take courses in business, management, and marketing, as well as courses specific to the bowling industry, such as bowling center operations, pro shop management, and lane maintenance.

The No. 5 unique college major -Cannabis Cultivation

Cannabis Cultivation typically take courses in plant anatomy and physiology, soil science, pest management, and genetics. This major is offered at Northern Michigan University and covers the cultivation and growing of marijuana, as well as the business and legal aspects of the cannabis industry. They also learn about the various methods of growing cannabis, including hydroponics and soil-based cultivation, and the different strains and cultivars of cannabis plants. Additionally, they may learn about the legal regulations surrounding cannabis production and sales, as well as the business and marketing strategies for the cannabis industry.

The No. 6 unique college major - Puppetry

This major is offered at the University of Connecticut and covers the art and performance of puppetry, including puppet construction, manipulation, and performance techniques.Students in this major learn about the history and theory of puppetry, as well as the practical skills required to construct, manipulate, and perform with puppets. This major covers a range of topics, including puppet construction, puppetry performance techniques, storytelling, and character development.

The No. 7 unique college major - Fermentation Sciences

This major is offered at Appalachian State University in North Carolina and covers the science and business of fermentation, including beer and wine production, food fermentation, and biotechnology. Students in this major may study the production of fermented foods such as cheese, yogurt, and sauerkraut, as well as the production of fermented beverages such as beer, wine, and spirits. They may also learn about the science behind fermentation, including the role of yeast and bacteria in the fermentation process.

The No. 8 unique college major -Adventure Education

This major is offered at several colleges and universities and covers the principles and practices of outdoor and experiential education, including backpacking, rock climbing, and team-building exercises.

Choosing a college major is an important decision that can have a significant impact on your future career. While traditional majors like business or engineering are popular choices, unique majors like zoology, criminology, and sports medicine allow students to explore their passions and interests in new and exciting ways.

You can be successful in these college majors if you choose to do this route. Of course there are many other majors out there so make sure to do your research and don't be afraid to explore before you decide.

Often, college majors doesn't really correlate to the career path you take. According to a report by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, about 27% of college graduates work in a field that is closely related to their major.

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