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Lazy But Lucrative: 5 Side Hustles You Can Do From Your Bed

Want to add a quick and easy source of income? Don't want to go knocking on neighbors doors asking to mow their lawn 🍁 or wash their car 🚗? You've come to the right place!

5 at home sidehustles

Getting started with a digital side hustle can be time consuming. You have to research ideas, map those ideas to skills you have and then think about how to actually make it happen. That's why we built the Side Hustle app: to make things easy. See some of our favorites below:

1. Graphic/Web Design 🎨

graphic designer side hustle

Do you often get compliments on outfits you choose, how your room or car looks, or on your social media posts? If so, it's a good sign that you are naturally talented at design. Graphic design includes designing logos, websites, social media posts, 2D/3D characters, and much more. You can also think of it as a brand's aesthetic. Brands with some of the most famous graphic design include Nike, Apple, Mercedes, Disney & Coca-cola.

Pro-tip: Some great design tools for creating great visuals include Canva, Figma, Blender & Wix.

2. Video Editing 🎬

video editing sidehustle

Spend too much time on TikTok or Instagram swiping through videos? Ever think about what makes you swipe to the next video or keep watching? Does it have a good hook? Is it efficient? Does it create value? Does the storyline make sense? If so, you are already an expert on what makes a good video.

Pro-tip: Level up your video editing skills by using tools like iMovie or Final Cut Pro. Find video editing gigs on FIVERR or Upwork.

3. Get Paid for Taking Surveys ✅

surveys side hustle

Capturing the Gen-Z market is worth $366 Billion dollars! That means businesses are curious to know what you are thinking about and how to sell to you. You can give Facebook/Meta, Instagram, TikTok and BeReal this data for free... or you can get paid to do it! The decision is yours.

Pro-tip: find opportunities to make money from taking surveys on Swagbucks or Survey Junkie.

4. Content Creation 🎥

content creation side hustle

Are you good at writing, speaking, or producing videos? Capturing this content and blending it into a brands strategy can be an easy way to make money for doing so. As more brands look to reach young consumers, content created by Gen-Z for Gen-Z is the cheat code. You can be the source of that cheat code if you so chose.

Pro-tip: practice content creation on a personal account. See if you can generate followers on TikTok, Instagram, BeReal, Medium, Apple podcasts or others. If you have even small success it will be easy to advertise yourself to brands looking for help.

5. Create an E-commerce Business 🛍️

e-commerce side hustle

Are you entrepreneurial? Do you enjoy making physical products like arts & crafts? Or maybe you prefer finding a group of great products and creating a digital place to sell them? Either way - monetizing this skill on the internet has never been easier! You can launch a website through Wix, Wordpress or Shopify. All you need to do now is decide what your business will be.

Pro-tip: Many businesses never get started because they get lost in the legal and operational encumbrances of entrepreneurship, but fear not! Filing as an S-Corp or LLC with the state that you live in often takes 10 minutes to complete and weeks to receive approval. Then remind yourself at the end of the year to learn about taxes and you will be on your way.


Як на мене, то це просто неймовірно круто, що є місце, де ми можемо поспілкуватися з приводу новин, це неаби як корисно та круто. Мені особливо пощастило, що я можу користуватися новинним порталом, котрий надає найбільш акутальні та перевірені новини. Я таким чином слідкую за новинами Молдови, а також інших закордонних країн, що дає мені більш чітке розуміння ситуації по кожній із них. Також, якщо брати новини Молдови, то саме ця країна більш за все мені цікава в інформаційному просторі. Та більш за все, я ціную той момент, що я можу завжди знаходитися в ресурсі новин, та мати більш об'єктивний погляд на події.


All the professions you have listed are simply an unrivaled treasure that can be found at this moment in time, because as we all see, every year more and more people are switching to working from home, which is no less enjoyable for them, and in some cases more so. For example, I work as a designer and edit images, my last job was to edit soap images for a baby soap commercial, and the work is not hard and the pay is very good, so I don't see any point in getting a full-time job now. Therefore, my advice to all those who are hesitant to switch to online work is not to hesitate, but to switch and then…

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