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The Ownership Economy: a system where power and economic rewards are distributed between participants as opposed to concentrated at the top

We believe teenagers are capable of making world class businesses. Don't believe us? Here are a few billion dollar businesses founded by teenagers:

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But although we all know these businesses, few of us know the common thread in their creation story. What did Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Michael Dell and Fred DeLuca all do as teenagers that led them to found these incredible companies? It's a minor detail that usually doesn't make their wikipedia page. So what is it?

Access to uncommon education.

Dive deep enough into their autobiographies and you will recall that Bill Gates attended one of only two high schools in the world with access to a computer terminal in the 60s. You will remember that Steve Jobs went to the high school with the highest concentration of software engineers as parents in the world. Steve and many of his classmates spent Saturdays sitting in a garage with a parent tinkering with computers. You will find out that Mark Zuckerberg took private coding lessons in middle school, long before code camps or any other youth coding class existed. You will learn that Michael Dell's dad bought him one of the first Apple II computers that they disassembled together when he was just 15 years old. You will realize that Fred DeLuca's family friend pushed him to pursue a restaurant venture as well as invested $10,000 (in today's money). The family friend then mentored him through the first 10 years of the business, helping him fund radio ads and marketing campaigns as well as give business expertise to him.

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These teenage heartthrobs went on to create more enterprise value than most countries. Collectively, if they were a country they would be the third wealthiest country on earth behind only the United States and China. It's clear that competitive advantages start much earlier than college or first jobs. In fact, these stories aren't as unique as you may think. Ownership has been driving the wealth gap for a long time. Here's proof that simply owning businesses is the difference between those that have wealth and those that don't:

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But learning about ownership early in life doesn't have to just be for rich kids. The youngest generation, Gen-Z, is the most entrepreneurial generation ever. They are consuming billions of pieces of content on YouTube, TikTok and Google about how to start their own business journey. But information is fragmented. Access to business incubator and accelerator programs is limited, and for those that find their way in, sign away massive chunks of their company just to learn. Entrepreneurship summer programs are charging $3-10K per program! 


We affectionately named our app after George Jetson and the Jetsons family. But George was a company man, always answering his boss Cosmos' phone calls to hear an angry voice on the other line telling him to get back to work. After a lifetime of hard work, George rarely had time to enjoy the fruits of his labors. But one thing he made sure to do was to pass along the lesson of ownership to his grandchild, Jetson. Instead of working for the man, now Jetson is owning. And he wants you to own too. He's in your pocket, on your phone; helping you discover passion, avoid commons mistakes and find a community of owners, so that you too can write your own story.



That is what Jetson is all about. We live in a world where problems seem to get bigger and more stressful every day. It's going to require historic innovation to overcome these obstacles. The Jetson team believes it is the perfect time for an entire generation to own the future. To start with impact, drive change, and benefit from that change in real value. 


Now our app is still only a small piece of a much bigger vision, but our promise to every single Jetson user is that we will never stray from this course. We will centralize every product feature, every strategy, around making you smarter. After all, big change is a series of tiny moments. This moment is yours and the time for change is now.

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