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Why Jetson? Hear from Amiel Shah

by Amiel Shah

When I was in high school, I was hearing from my friends, family and social media about the importance of financial literacy and investing from a young age. I would always be told that I would never learn these topics in school.

However, this put me in a pickle — how could I seek out a place to learn these topics? This question led me to embark on a journey of learning and exploring the world of investing and finance.

Along this journey, I met the most valuable resource to me for learning about finance: Jetson.

When I initially joined Jetson, I was looking for education and experience in these topics. I was exposed to a wide variety of industry leaders and projects that I could take on to teach me about this.

For example, I learned about product development through beta testing, learned about investing through their educational tools and was able to network with my peers.

This graph shows how investing at an earlier age can bring you exponentially more money as you grow older - that’s the power of compound interest. (Source: RamseySolutions)

Though I learned about investing and finance like I initially intended to do, Jetson opened me up to a whole other realm of possibilities that existed in the world of investing that I had never even realized. Stack immersed me in cryptocurrency and web3, which is the future of the world’s investing and communications.

Though I had a faint idea of cryptocurrency as something detached from our world’s happening, Jetson showed me how it was knocking on the world’s doorsteps.

This graph shows how the cryptocurrency industry blew up very recently - matter of fact, all over the last 7 years, with most of the growth happening in the past two to three years. Moreover, the graph indicates how Bitcoin has maintained a huge chunk of the cryptocurrency market, and at times even a majority of it. (Source: MorningStar Articles)

At Jetson, I was able to witness firsthand how the company is pushing the cryptocurrency industry forward by allowing teenagers, who previously were not legally allowed to invest in cryptocurrency at all, to do so.

Jetson allows an entirely new market of people to further the growth of this industry.

Along with cryptocurrency, I was able to witness the impact Jetson has on the web3 industry as well. Web3 is an innovative design for the new World Wide Web - it incorporates tactics such as decentralized finance (DeFi), blockchain, and cryptocurrencies.

Jetson is pushing this industry forward by allowing the next generation to be educated about these advancements and have access to these technologies.

Besides improving my technical skills and industry knowledge, Jetson gave me the opportunity to network and improve my interpersonal skills. I was immediately immersed into a pool of like-minded students, and was able to form connections with others who are also looking to advance the investing and web3 industries.

Besides this, I was introduced to industry leaders who are the head of the company. They were very welcoming and made an introduction to Jetson as seamless as possible. On the whole, I enjoyed meeting new people and forming valuable professional and personal connections with the entire team.

This graphic shows the many benefits of networking and forming connections with others in your industry, which include but are not limited to strength and new ideas.

This graphic shows the many benefits of networking and forming connections with others in your industry, which include but are not limited to strength and new ideas.

Another one of my favorite projects was the side hustle challenge. In this, I was given money initially and was asked to do whatever side hustle I liked in order to attempt to transform this into more money. After lots of brainstorming and thinking, I decided to flip items to make a profit.

Though I bought a cheap air fryer at half of its market price, I was not able to resell it for a variety of reasons. Though I was not able to make a profit, this side hustle taught me key life skills such as how to sell, its difficulties and how to make smart decisions about buying products.

Throughout all of these projects I learned different things about the investing, finance, and web3 worlds with the support of my peers and the Jetson team.

I think that joining Jetson was one of the best decisions I made because it allowed me to get experience in a field that I now want to pursue. It opened me up to a whole new world of possibilities, and I encourage other teens to join and push the company forward.

Want to start putting your money to work? Invest now with Jetson.

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